This is an innovative range for the treatment of body blemishes. Made using the most modern, high technology active substances, this is the frontline of body neurocosmetics. It re-educates the metabolism of the adypocite, thus leading to fat dissolution and muscle toning. Tissue will regain its turgidity and you will recover your slim silhouette.

Main active substances in this range: caffein, Vitis Vinifera, Capsicum Frutescens (chilli), Equisetum Arvense (horsetail), Paullinia Cupana (guarana), Centella Asiatica, Prunas Persica and Bisabolol


The fact that the body skin looks gorgeous is the result of a perfect care.

Reducel, to maintain the silhouette, improves the figure in a natural way giving to the tissue a firm and refined appearance.

Due to the pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, diets, pregnancy or the sun, we loose our youthful silhouette and the skin losses its hydration and elasticity. Skin doesn't look smooth any more; skin unbalances and blemishes such as cellulite or flaccidity appear. In the most problematic women's areas (breast, décolletage, abdomen, hips or tights) or in men's areas such as abdomen or back, these problems are more common.

The body care Reducel program by Freihaut re-educates the metabolism of adypocites, programming them to accelerate the combustion of lipids and preventing their accumulation.

When our body needs energy, the fats combustion acts thanks to a brain command (neurotransmitter), which goes to the specialised cells membrane, e.g. adipocytes. Then the adipocyte generates a positive response: the activation of lipo-metabolism. Reducel acts as a body neurocosmetics as it stimulates adipocytes or fat cells the same way the brain does, thus contributing to a fast lipids removal in the whole treated area.

But not only does Reducel reduce the fats: it also has active substances to accelerate the process of collagen and elastin formation. Therefore it helps to reduce flaccidity, making the skin look revitalized, turgid and highly moisturized. Reducel achieves a real perfection in your figure, thanks to the great complementary work of its intensive professional treatment with its home care products.