White tea, the elixir of immortality. It combines its antioxidant action with the biotechnological active substance Neodermyl®, which improves the structure and connectivity of the tissue by stimulating the production of different types of collagen (I and III). Skin elasticity is improved and wrinkle depth diminishes.

Main active substances in this range: biotechnological hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight

White Tea

The White Tea cosmetic range was developed to improve the face structure. It was made on the basis of the ancestral anti-aging properties of the white tea and adding Neodermyl®, a cutting-edge biotechnological active substance.

The white tea, the "elixir of immortality", was well known and used by the emperor of the Song dynasty, who knew its regenerative and antioxidant properties. A cup of white tea contains as many antioxidants as twelve glasses of orange juice. Nowadays, data from new research show that white tea is one hundred times more antioxidant than green tea and has three times as many polyphenols. Therefore, it has an important anti-aging and energizing effect. Besides, it protects the skin’s immune system.

Among others, White Tea includes the powerful cosmetic active substance Neodermyl® an ingredient to comprehensively treat collagen. Its functions, proven both in vivo and in vitro:

  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen I and III
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • Promotes elastin production

White Tea by Freihaut offers you a daily home care range to complete the treatments that were recommended by your professional beautician at the beauty salon. This leads to a face remodelling and a wrinkle filling of up to 20%. Moreover, skin grows smoother and is protected from external aggressions.

It is a real anti-aging cure for the skin!